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Redefining Success

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Redefining Success

True discipleship challenges us to radically redefine success in ministry – not by “how many”, but rather, by “what kind” of disciples we have made – for the mandate (our walk with God) must precede the mission (our work for God). In this conference, Rev Paul Jeyachandran sounds the clarion call to return the Church to her disciplemaking roots – of reproducing disciples of “a certain kind”!

Your Speaker

Rev Paul Jeyachandran
Rev Paul Jeyachandran

Rev Paul Jeyachandran is a gifted preacher of God’s Word. A powerful and prolific communicator, Paul speaks with such keen insight, challenging conventional mindsets and stretching the capacity of his listeners to maximise their God-given potential. Each year, he travels extensively across the globe speaking in conferences, mentoring Senior Pastors and inspiring movement leaders to disciple the nations and has ministered in over 25 nations.

Your Host

Ps Esabel Jeyachandran
Ps Esabel Jeyachandran

Pastor Esabel has been leading Life Church Castle Hill together with her husband, Rev. Paul Jeyachandran, since 2011 and has been faithfully leading the church back to its disciplemaking roots. Since then, the church has grown significantly and the Lord has multiplied the church both numerically and influentially. She is gifted as an able administrator and is a notable developer of people. God has graced Esabel with organisational leadership and she uses her gifts to mobilise the church towards her God-given destiny.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the session times for IDMC Conference 2020 online?
Friday 14th August 2020
2 x Sessions
7:45pm – 10:00pm AEST

Saturday 15th August 2020
2 x Sessions & 1 x Q&A Session
9:00am – 12:00pm AEST
How will I view the live stream?
Once you have registered, you just need to log in, click on 'IDMC Conference 2020' and the live stream video will be visible for each of the 4 sessions once we go 'LIVE'.
How much does it cost to register?
IDMC Conference 2020 Online is completely COMPLIMENTARY. So it will cost you, your friends, family, small group and church nothing to sign up! So help us spread the word!
Will notes be provided?
Yes, notes will be provided as a downloadable PDF. The link will be made available under the livestream video.
Will there be translation services available?
Yes, we have both Mandarin and Cantonese translations provided. Listen to them by clicking on the link.
Will I be able to share the registration with others?
No, you will need to register individually in order to receive your personal login.

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